Boycott the FOM

No one who loves and cares about the Mai-Kai should support the FOM for their betrayal of the Mai-Kai's trust.
At one of the events they held at the Mai-Kai, they allegedly stole the trade secret drink recipes, shared them among their members, and posted them online. Until the FOM publicly apologizes for this act, and punishes the responsible member(s), no one should attend their events, donate to them, or support them in any way. Their leader Joel Gunn and member of the Board of Directors Melody Carlson have complete knowledge of the incident if you want to ask them for answers.

UPDATE OCT 11, 2016 Just in from a Florida potential FOM member: This recipe was allegedly handed to them by a FOM board member recently with the assertion that it was "a current Mai-Kai drink recipe." It is written out by the FOM board member themselves. This person was being recruited to join the FOM, but their distaste for the heinous acts by the FOM toward the Mai-Kai made them think better of it and report this further offense.

The FOM has created their own site to rebut my claims. They have also filed a URDP claim to try to silence this website. No one says the FOM is all bad. By their taxes they are giving about 1/3 of their anuual net revenue to charity. About $15,000 last year. And there are many very good people in the FOM. But their leaders take advantage of them. They just spent $1500 of FOM money on that URDP to try to shut me down. That's $1500 that won't go to charity, all to keep FOM leaders from being dismissed for their bad behavior. And they spent money and time on the new website they created registered by Joel Gunn, head of the FOM,, who was part of the entire Mai-Kai incident. Members and potential members should know what the leaders are up to. They use your hard work and money to prop up their organization and engage is trying to cover up their own mis-deeds.

Why spend thousands of dollars and many hours of time attacking this site instead of just acknowleding your mistake and that of your member(s) and removing them from the Order? How much more will they do rather than admit their wrong, remove people and move on? They appear to prefer to attack this site, and lose more sponsors and friends, than remove the member who stole and posted and shared the Mai-Kai's trade secret drink recipes. I fully expect a SLAPP lawsuit to be their next step. More money thrown away to protect the leaders.

It has recently been alleged by high ranking FOM members that all the printing for the FOM is being done under the table by one of the FOM board members through that member's employer. Are all the postcards and magazines and programs and posters being stolen by a FOM board member from their employer? Is the FOM actually paying for any of it, or is all stolen? Is this why they refuse to punish their member for what they did to the Mai-Kai, so they won't lose all the free printing?

See THIS SITE for details.

The Fraternal Order of Moai (FOM; also often known as The Moai) is a fraternal order and social club founded in 2005 by Matt "Kuku Ahu" Thatcher, Jim "Chisel Slinger" Robinson and Joel "Cowtown Kahuna" Gunn.

Though the Fraternal Order of Moai started out as an "anti-clique" organization meant to be a refuge from the "Tiki elites", they quickly devolved into a radically cliquish group. They often only associate with their own members and distance themselves from non-members who used to be close friends. At Tiki events they are known to hold secret sub-events of their own. They have increasingly held their own events for their members only, draining non-FOM events of support. Outsiders may attend FOM events, but are not included in many activities. Their machinations are kept secret from the public.

The Fraternal Order of Moai's increasingly insulating ways, along with the great demands on members time and money to prop up the group, are causing more and more problems for thier long term viablity with quality members. Instead of being a vibrant part of the community, they have chosen to hold their own competing events and offend and osticize outsiders, even as they try to recruit them as members.

There was a recent scandal when it was discovered they had published trade secret drink recipes from the Mai-Kai. Apparently having used thier access from holding events there, they allegedly stole recipes. And after the recipes were discovered on their public FOM website, they deleted them from public view, denied their existence and having posted them to the internet, refusing to even apologize the the Mai-Kai, further isolating them from the Tiki community. Florida FOM members are alleged to have given new recruits those stolen recipes in paper form.

These drinks are presented as mixed at the Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Mai Kai, as you are aware, is still open and serving these drinks. Because of that it is asked that you keep these recipes on the down-low. You are welcome to make the drinks and enjoy them in your home but please do not publicly broadcast these recipes to anyone outside of F.O.M.

Now, having given you the disclaimer..... get to drinking!

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